About us

The African Gallery Company is the world's African contemporary art dealer , bringing the experience of collecting African fine arts to the world. We strive to make an educational, entertaining and welcoming environment that ignites passion for African contemporary arts.

Our aim is make African fine arts accessible globally , helping our clients to build everlasting relationships and memories through our event , exhibitions , art auctions , etc

African Authentic Art

We take our brand seriously at the African Gallery Company. Every work purchased from us comes with a satisfaction guarantee, certificate of authenticity and limited guarantee of authorship, packaged with a complete description for each piece.

It is our aim to offer the most detail information on the specifics of all artefacts provided (where available): title, date, medium, image size, edition (tirage) information, and any relevant historical or provenance information.

Collectors know that each artefact purchased from us has been subjected to the highest levels of creativity and necessary scrutiny-when an artist signs their name to a graphic work and the African Gallery Company certificate of authenticity is issued to a client.